Nourish (disciple)

Sunday we continued our conversation flowing in how to make disciples as we go. What we are really saying with each other is, “How can the unique ingredients God is blowing through me connect with others in a way that nourishes our souls?” It’s what Jesus spoke over Peter in John 21 when, after a long night of fishing, hadn’t caught a thing until the voice from the shore hollers out “throw the net on the right side.” The nets started to fill up with more fish than they could imagine. Somewhat like the first time Jesus filled their nets and asked them follow him in order to be fishers of men… As the nets fill the boys see – realize – Jesus is the one on the shore filling their nets. Peter comes crashing through the water to get to the shore and commune with his/our savior… was the third time the guys would get to hang out with the resurrected Jesus. Jesus was constantly feeding, nourishing as he went with the disciples and others. After the long night of fishing, and now after breakfast, Jesus is still feeding, filling others with him.  If you recall, this moment is just a few days after Jesus fills the boys with Holy Spirit (John 20). 

(Man to be in the heads of the boys when Jesus fills them with HIM….do our thoughts mirror theirs? Same Holy Spirit)

Jesus now goes into question mode as he does so beautifully. Peter will be the recipient of the feeding along with the other guys listening (feeding) in. 3 times Jesus asks “do you love me”…Peter rolls through answering with varying degrees of “YES,” yet after each response,  Jesus has a directive. Feed my sheep, take care of my and then again feed my sheep (John 21:15-17 NLT). What Jesus is asking/imploring/guiding/feeding/coaching (discipling) Peter and the others to be about is to nourish, serve, care for each other’s souls.

Now gang think this one through for a second. 

How/and what did this look like for Peter? What about us? If you asked someone to help nourish your soul, what and or how would you desire for the person/s asked to walk this out with you? 

That’s fun to roll around isn’t it? Yet isn’t that what disciple making looks like? Isn’t that the heart of encouraging others to beLIeVE? 

Sunday we asked the question, “Who desires to have their soul nourished?”…..every arm raised their hand in the room! How? Ask God to reveal to you who or the multiple ‘whos’ in your life that you would like to have help nourish your soul. Are you willing to be one to nourish? When God lays that person on your heart, don’t wait, contact that individual immediately and start the journey together. Some ask “what does this look like?” Go back to the original question…how do you desire to be nourished? Express that with others and eventually you will find others that will say “me too…”

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