Mornin’ Juice (What if?)

we received one of those Evites from Jesus?

you know the ones where we send it out it’s communicating an upcoming party,  some kind of event.. a time to get together in this one came from Jesus his email  (jesus@godheals.iam)

The Evite states clearly the time and place to come. Invited to his home , at his party place, it’s his room with the rooms he’s prepared for all of us and we’re just gonna have a big freaking bash.  yet most of the evites especially if it’s gathered around food, we are asked to bring something, but Jesus says everything is taken care no need to bring food or drink, instead Jesus asks that we bring a gift.

What?! a gift, yea no other explanation no other hints, just bring a gift. What would you bring? Does your mind immediately go to something material? Or what about a poem., a song.,

wait wait the gift is us. for us to be present in the time we are together., to put down the cell phones., maybe even turn the traditional football games off for a bit and be alive in the conversation.

This time of year for some is just not fun with the family dynamic, totally understand my prayer is that you picture yourself in the room with Jesus as he scoops out the dressin’, carves the turkey, plops out the taters with a splash of gravy all the while present with you and us. He desires to be our joy, our gift and our gift to HIm is you!

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