Mornin’ Juice (Whatever )

this morning during my time in the gym cranking up the ol endorphins through exercise. A young person not too far away sounded like the ol valley girl in her describing a situation that she was quite put out with and as she is finishing up her monologue to her workout partner you hear..’girl I told him to just whatevveeeer…

you know the drawn out, eyes rolling around the skull fourteen times. Hahaha, it seemed there were some words missing however when that word rolled off her tongue for 14 seconds. Meanwhile Im reading Frank Viola’s recent book Insurgent and he is describing the wedding scene in John chapter 2. Most will be familiar with this scene, Jesus and the gang are whoopin’ it up, celebrating the coming together of two of their friends. And the fruits were flowing to the point where they emptied the vats.


Yet Jesus’ mama, Mary, comes to her son, her savior, her Lord and of all people shares the news with Jesus, ….this writing is not to dissect her motive in telling Jesus. However we do get a glimpse from Jesus’ response that he knew his mama wanted him to help her/their friends out of this awkward situation, when he responds “dear woman this is not our problem”

Then here comes the word. Mary, the mother of the resurrected one! Eyeballs the servants and states “Do whatever he tells you”….hahaha I about jumped off sparky (name for the machine that burns those calories) with laughter. Whatevvveeeeer. But this is a different whatever, not a deflective, valley girl way to dismiss the awkward or undesired situation. Mary is letting the gang know, hey look it doesn’t matter what or how he coaches you up, beLIeVE, trust, heck just do it!

And they do!

The wine that came out was top shelf and the party continued. Do you think just a few eyebrows were raised with excitement, with awe when they followed through with the “whatever” Jesus told em to do? Come on, pretend you are one of the servants, you have overheard the murmurs of who this guy from Nazareth is and now here you are with empty wine vessels, you are listening in eavesdropping and your told to go fetch water in the stone containers and start dipping out the contents. I bet under their breath you could hear yea “whatevveeer” dude whatever you say. And as you dip the water into the cups of the guests, you see smell, hear heck maybe even tasted for yourself that this is the best wine you have ever tasted.

What if we followed through with the whatever’s in our life? The whatever’s that are prompted through us by the Holy Spirit? What if we trusted, beLIeVED the source of the one who created us instead of saying yea whatevvveeeer to the whatever He is prompting us to do. Would we too have raised eyebrow, heart pumping moments of amazement in our day to day?

Yea I think so too.

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