Mornin’ Juice (Suddenly)

Merry Christmas everyone! By now most that will see this post have read, heard, seen portrayals of the birth of Christ. Heck Charlie Brown and the gang knock it outta the yard in their rendition. A Savior has come! This morning I’m listening to Faith Hill blast out “Baby changes everything”  and as her words pour through me, the words from Luke drench me in the amazing moment of suddenly.

We recall the scene Luke paints beautifully where the census is called. Joseph, with his now very pregnant Mary, trudge their way to the place prophets foretold a Savior, a prince of peace would be born. The town of David, Bethlehem, received the first born SON, the one wrapped in the whatever they could place their hands on and laid him in a place no earthly king would lay. Yet this is our heavenly king!

Meanwhile not too far away a flock of sheep were being cared for by shepherds who were suddenly visited by an angel of the Lord and we are told through Luke that the radiance of the Lord’s glory surrounded them. The darkness of the night had to be lit up like nothing they had ever witnessed. The Author of Light who has brought the light of the world is preparing the world to receive HIM.  So it was fitting that the angel would have to calm them down in their fear. Heck yea, can you envision the mundane experienced throughout the days, weeks, years you and your buddies are tending to their flocks and then unexpectedly (suddenly) you are enveloped in total LIGHT. I do wonder if the guys in the fields ever had conversations regarding God. Gosh the thoughts rolling through their being in this moment. The looks at each other, the grabbing of one another out of fear, the unknown, that this abrupt interruption to their night is causing.  But, the angel assures them that there is good news. You can you almost feel the courier of God with hands open, eyes wide open, saying guys, guys, guys, hang on…wait…..listen…shhhh…it’s ok…listen…..The Savior, yes the Messiah (the one who will save) has arrived and you will find him in the next town, in a place where cattle shelter, yes He will be there. Go see! Then:

Suddenly, the angel, the one who has just knocked them to their knees with God’s brilliance, who has briefly calmed em’ is now surrounded by a vast host of others, Luke tells us that the armies of heaven have arrived—praising God and saying…”Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those whom God is pleased. Gang please don’t glaze over this.

The armies of heaven! The armies of heaven! Can it get any brighter? YES YES YES….

There are no words to express, describe, illustrate this scene….then to hear the armies of heaven in unison announce “Glory to God in highest heaven”….I bet their  voices were booming with incredible harmony thus causing the beards, the cloaks of the shepherds to flow in response.

Yes, Faith, a baby changes everything. Especially this baby of Life.  Praying that we allow the suddenly of Jesus’ entrance into our lives to change our everything!

Merry Christmas

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